This Leader Can… make a difference on equalities

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Powerful and personal tales about the battle to achieve equality in leadership are at the heart of a new book collaboration.

“This Leader Can…make a difference on equalities includes true stories, told by senior leaders working in local government, highlighting how leaders are making a difference in their organisations – and where mindsets need to shift to deliver a step change on equalities and diversity.

We’re really proud of it, enjoy the gorgeous illustrations and please share. Big thanks to Solace and Agilisys and all the writers.

Stories that show how to make change – creative facilitator

The stories are about: *senior leaders coming out about disabilities and sexuality, *diversity and the bottom line, *the serious challenge on race diversity, *dealing with political pressure, *unconscious bias, *gendered attitudes and bullying, *serving diverse communities and managing conflict.

Here’s the press release: Dawn Reeves, co-editor of the book and director of Shared Press, the publishers of the book said: “These stories pack a real punch. There are tips on how leaders are using their influence to make change in really complex situations and insight into the benefits that equality can bring in organisations that are really committed.”

“What make the stories so compelling is that they’re told by people who have been there, done that and know how it feels – these people are putting their heads above the parapet to make real change happen faster.”

Jo Miller, Chief Executive of Doncaster Council and ex-President of Solace – the inspiration for the book said: “Great leaders know the importance of building truly diverse organisations where people trust and understand each other.

“This Leader Can is full of stories about people who are doing just that. Some of the stories also show how difficult it can be and how far we still have to go. But by sharing our stories and experiences in the way we’ve done in the book is an important first step in delivering change.”

Andrew Mindenhall, Chief Executive at Agilisys, who sponsored the publication added: “ It’s long past time for us all to recognise that diversity in leadership will help build stronger and more resilient public services. Together we can all help challenge the norm in local government and encourage under-represented groups to aim for the top.”

This Leader Can also includes practical advice and tips from experts on delivering equalities in organisations.

The book is available from and can be downloaded as a free PDF from its website.

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