Change Agent

An effective creative change agent

As a creative change agent, I introduce creativity into every activity to generate fresh perspectives and new ideas for my clients.

I have extensive experience of supporting organisations and individuals to make change happen. This is backed by my leadership experience, which means that my work is rooted in the reality of organisational dynamics and systems – but not limited by it.

My approach to change is influenced by the ideas and practice of Adam Kahane, particularly his transformative scenario planning; Peter Senge’s notion of the learning organisation; Barry Oshry’s theories of systems leadership; and Margaret Wheatley’s organisational behaviour studies.

How I work

  • I negotiate and share expectations
  • I make sure conversations about change are real and authentic, based on mutual learning, not control
  • I actively work with power dynamics/interests in order to broker solutions
  • I take an integrated approach that takes account of the individuals, organisation and context, and the needs, constraints and dependencies that impact on results
  • I focus on what makes a difference – the root causes and underlying problems, not the symptoms
  • I openly share my thinking and ask you to share yours
  • I work positively with conflict, viewing it as an opportunity to learn
  • I refine the focus down to identify what needs to happen to produce a demonstrable difference
  • By challenging mindsets I change culture


The benefits of my approach

  • It’s creative, and it motivates and energises individuals and teams
  • It saves time, energy and resources – it invites people to buy into change and clarifies what’s possible and what’s necessary
  • It strengthens leadership at all levels, supporting both organisations and the people who make change happen
  • It reduces fear and builds trust by valuing people’s experience and supporting them in valuing others
  • Too often change processes skirt round the edges of power issues – permissions are sought and given, but don’t hold, so investments and alternatives aren’t properly considered


What people say about my creative change skills

“Working with Dawn is challenging, but it is also inspiring and extremely rewarding, as well as very enjoyable. I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn to colleagues.”
Nick Edwards – Wolverhampton City Council

“Dawn is inspiring to work with … a highly professional individual who brings energy and creativity to her work.”
Melanie Rowe – Nottinghamshire County Council

“I would recommend Dawn to anyone responsible for managing major organisational and cultural change.”
Andrew Harrison – Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust/Learning Studio


Recent creative change projects include:

  • Developing positive organisational narratives in local government using creative techniques to change the story – working with the Local Government Association and councils in the UK
  • Inspiring collaboration and developing partnerships –working with Health and Well-Being Boards in London to agree under-pinning principles for collaboration and prioritisation
  • New skills for creative leaders: how to be the hero your organisation needs – working with the Society for Local Authority Chief Executives
  • Tackling poverty and promoting well-being as a trustee of the Richard Cloudesley Charity – working with fellow trustees to modernise governance, grant-giving and investments
  • Developing ideas for regenerating the local economy in Beira, Mozambique – working with an international NGO, the Mozambique Ministry of Industry and Energy, and local government in Beira


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