A writer with new stories to tell about local government

I am fascinated by power and all the weird and wonderful things that happen under the surface of the world we see, as well as the stories we tell each other – and are told – about them.

This fascination informs my facilitation work, my activism, and also my fiction writing.

Stories are a way to shine a light on invisible or neglected parts of our society. Through character and plot, we can unpick motivations, connections, choices and interests. We can also imagine a new world, an alternative way of living, working and conducting politics.

My novels are contemporary, exploring city life and politics, community and identity, and draw inspiration from my public sector background.


New novel

We Know What We Are – Shared Press 2017

About the new novel:

A girl searches for her missing brother, a council leader fights to hold on to her principles and a chief executive battles to hold back the tide of cuts. Over them all looms a threatened football club and the sinister shadow of its chairman. As identities shift and allegiances are tested, how much will each of them risk to save the city, the club – and themselves?

“Authentic and wise. We Know What We Are is proof that local politics is as ruthless as anything that happens in Westminster.” Erin Kelly, Sunday Times bestselling author, He Said/She Said, Broadchurch

Book launch and story workshop tour

In September I’m touring conferences, public organisations, book clubs, friends groups and libraries.


Available for order from all bookshops and online stores.

If you’ve read and enjoyed We Know What We Are, please order it from your local library and leave a review at www.amazon.co.uk


Hard Change – Shared Press 2013

About the novel:

When a girl’s body is dumped in a bin, a city is forced to explore the boundaries of private interest and public good. Hard change is a contemporary town hall thriller set in a midlands city with an alcohol problem. The girl’s discarded body forces a council officer, a policewoman and an NHS trust manager to get out from behind their desks and make choices. Personal or political, public or private, professional or pragmatic, they must make those choices alone – but can they act collectively to do the right thing and prevent another murder?

“Very compelling, tough but human.” The Guardian

“Great descriptions of people and power. Read it!” Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of the Labour Party

“An authentic voice that rings true and draws you in to the dilemmas facing everyone in public life.” Duncan Sharkey, Chief Executive Worcester City Council.”

Available for order from all bookshops and online stores

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